Tranquil Living

wizard on September 8, 2019

Health Capsule for Busy People is a magic mix – Something that you can do easily and without too many instructions. Is there such a thing? As it turns out, yes, there is such a thing as an easy way of keeping good health. Maybe it would qualify to be termed as a Health Capsule for […]

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wizard on October 28, 2015

  Meditation is a process that enables focusing and quietening your mind in order to help you reach a higher level of inner calm and awareness. It is possible to meditate anytime and anywhere, enabling yourself to achieve peace and tranquility irrespective of the surroundings. However it helps to follow the simple instructions given below- […]

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wizard on October 28, 2015

Creating “The Space” To enable your desires to ‘land’ into reality requires creation of “the space”. There is a need to prepare yourself on the practical, mental and emotional level.  Step into a bright future by feeling, thinking and acting upon these perspectives, thus allowing transformation to take seed. Space should be created not only on […]

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