5 Steps to Igniting Your Manifestation Ability

Creating “The Space”

To enable your desires to ‘land’ into reality requires creation of “the space”. There is a need to prepare yourself on the practical, mental and emotional level. 

Step into a bright future by feeling, thinking and acting upon these perspectives, thus allowing transformation to take seed. Space should be created not only on physical and practical level but can also on mental and emotional level.

Focus on letting go of fear, resentment, past hurt, anger, belief, loss and guilt that you may be holding on to as all this obstructs by constricting your energy and keeping you in your past, thus standing in the path to greater happiness in your life.

Follow Your Intuition

Intuition resonates your heart’s wisdom. It is a gateway through which we receive spiritual guidance thru limitless perspectives of the “universal mind”.

We all have an intuitive side to our personality, and though we may be out of touch with it, believing in it would allow us to make it open and blossom. Remember, intuition is our invaluable guide to pathways of the future. Use it. It would help us to make the best choices, and give us the wisdom and insight into any situation.

Have Positive Beliefs System

Beliefs are our perspectives and experiences as we grow up and are formed during our childhood as well as other important cornerstones of our lives. They are shaped as well as influenced by family, friends, peers, media and society, without us being conscious of it.

For your desires to successfully manifest, the positive beliefs support system is essential. For example, for happy loving relationships it is essential that we hold positive beliefs about love.

Know that “You Deserve”

You always deserve! Therefore, we must look forward to getting the full extent of our value and worth.

Feeling undeserving blocks the manifestation of success. It sabotages success even when it arrives. Therefore never let your sense of deserving be tampered by guilt, self-judgment, shame or any other negative self-concepts.

The best way to achieve this would be by self-love and self-forgiveness and having full belief in the fact that you deserve totally. By recognizing and awakening the inherent worth we can make more deserving decisions for ourselves.

Act Upon a Plan!

Even though dreams have a potential to manifest, without action, they won’t get you too far.  Therefore, instead of waiting for the change to happen initiate it.

The three step procedure would be –

  • Visualize your desires
  • Ask the universe for whatever you want
  • Make choices. Set goals.

Hold positive feelings and thoughts.

This would initiate the laws of attraction and set the ball of manifestation rolling.
Whenever this happens, you will see opportunities come. Recognize them and make yourself available to them, and act upon them!

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