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wizard on January 11, 2016

Instinct or intuition is the capability of having a flash of knowledge of certain event even before it has happened. Simply speaking, it is that gut feeling which, at hindsight, turns out to be right! We all get these flashes at some time of the other; some of us however get it more than the […]


wizard on December 16, 2015

Manifestation is used  for achievement of goals. Be it a job,  business, relationship, material goods, general money abundance, treatment of disease, etc. Reiki is a very powerful technique to achieve the same. This is so because all that you seek is its inherent factor – it is an intelligent energy  that gives us unexpectedly magical […]


Flagging sexual libido has become a major sexual issue and a cause of distress for couples these days. There is a short writeup all out to overcome. This does not, by any chance, substitute professional counseling and treatment but can help people understand all aspects of this problem. Re-ignite Your Passions and Sex Drive Flagging […]

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wizardspost on April 18, 2009

What do we normally do when your health is down? We pop pills and capsules containing various drugs and chemicals to bring instant relief to our suffering. But they also bring with them a host of side effects. When the effect of drugs wears off the problems often reoccur and diseases start multiplying. Then we […]

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wizardspost on April 18, 2009

What Is the Meaning of Pranayama? Prana when literally translated means spirit or the breath and yama means control. Pranayama is thus loosely translated as prana or breathe control. Breathing is the essence of living, yet most of us don’t even notice it. It is so simple and obvious we often take it for granted. […]

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