wizard on November 28, 2015

It is a good idea to make closed groups with like minded people. This could be your school mates , relatives, organisation, colleagues, etc. Yahoo groups are one of the oldest and widely used platforms. Here is a quick guide to manage your way thru it for better management of files, photos and mails. STEP 1 […]

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After a great event, we carry the fond memories captured in our hearts, minds AND Cameras :)…. and when we want to upload some of these images from cameras, we discover that they take ages to upload (and view, subsequently) because the size captured in a camera by default is almost 4MB ! So How […]

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What are these traffic exchange programs on the Internet

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wizardspost on August 7, 2009

Most PTC sites / online survey sites are fraud. How to find out whether these schemes are worth what they say?

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wizardspost on July 31, 2009

online surveys arec a great way of making some money in comfort of home in your spare time

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wizardspost on July 22, 2009

After my extensive research and also from my personal experience I think the following sites are very good paymasters and do not cheat. Some of them like http://easyhits4u.com and http://www.linkbucks.com are very different and really worth experimenting because they allow surfing as well as earn you lot of money. I have deliberately chosen sites which […]

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