Positive thinking and manifestation tools

Positive thinking

Like everything else these days, even positive thinking and manifestation has been reduced to something that is to be used for acquiring material goals and worldly desires.

However, it is much more than that. 

It is one of the most important tools that can be used in developing a positive attitude that goes beyond the worldly desires and touches the people around us.

  • It increases positivity and reduces negative feelings like hate and anger.
  • It also helps to develop the attitude of love for all living things in this universe.
  • It enables you to deal with the situation in the best and the most positive fashion.

In practical terms it is simply thinking positive whenever something negative happens around you.  Just by this simple formula, you can reduce the effects of negative energy.

Some of the benefits of positive thinking –

  • It brings harmony in your relationships causes emotional maturity physical vitality and spiritual clarity
  • It helps you Transcend your fears and live a life which is more meaningful
  • It gives you an exposure to Oneness and consciousness of the infinite
  • It transforms you and bring you back to your origin of the source of your being
  • It helps you knowing the answers that relate to the timeless question like – “who am I?”

Thinking about being positive is one thing; practicing is however is quite another.  Not that it is a very difficult thing to do; it is also a very conscious process in which one has to remind to self consciously to remain positive at every moment, whatever happens.

Making a firm commitment to such an attitude and trying to do it to the best of the ability is the only way to go forward.

Therefore, make a beginning – start practicing and living with attitude of positive energy positivity.

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