wizard on July 9, 2019

Are you having difficulty shedding pounds?

If so, then the solution to weight loss achievement may be knowing how your metabolism actually works.

Many people can enhance or lower the rate by which they consume calories during the day, but several do not know how. Sometimes daily habits, their gender, and health circumstances can alter their metabolism.

Here are 10 facts about the metabolism which may be the keys to achieving your ideal weight.

1. Resting Metabolic Rate, or RMR

Metabolism can relate to the chemical processes taking place in your body, but what many people interested are is their RMR — i.e. the amount of calories they burn while simply sitting around.

2. Consuming More Protein Can Boost Your Metabolism

There are a few superfoods proven to rev up your metabolism. Protein is a nutrient that may actually raise the number of calories you consume.

3. Simple Carbs as Metabolism Busters

While everyone understands to keep away doughnuts and sodas while attempting to drop weight, the other simpler carbohydrates, like crackers and white bread also slow down weight loss because when you have them, your insulin levels rise, Cederquist says.  This insulin stimulates the body to save this sugar for later use, in the form of fat.

4. More Muscle translates to Higher Metabolism

More muscle quantity in your body leads to more calories being burned, even while resting, as per the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)

5. Men Tend to Have a Higher Metabolism…..


wizard on January 14, 2019

On a moonlit night,
When I look at the starry sky,
My thoughts always run towards you,
and I ponder to myself, how and why?

Wondering why I love you so,
often I think and smile,
Because it is not just one thing about us;
the list would run for miles.

Your soft whispers in my ears,
and the warmth of gentle touch,
Are just few tiny things out of millions,
which make me love so much.

Your fleeting kisses,
fill my heart with endless love and desire,
Oh! holding you in my arms,
Ignites in me passions like a blazing fire.

As your eyes lock with mine,
and you look up and smile at me,
I lose my way , with you for ever,
There is nowhere else I want to be.

wizard on January 5, 2019

As I lie in bed, thinking of you,
Passionate, eyes smouldering with fire.
Nothing exists, in that moment
Just you and me, transfixed,
filled with deep desire.

Hands entwined, and bodies entangled.
Deep desires we dreamt forever,
Merging of souls, and bodies
Quivering lips locked together.


wizard on December 9, 2018

(Disclaimer – This is a work of Fiction . Any resemblance to any person or event is a mere coincidence )

Ana was in two minds since last few days and had not been able to resolve whether she should go and receive him or not. The early morning phone call put her into further dilemma.

Anyway, now it was too late to back out and she did admit to herself that the prospect of meeting someone as unique as him did give her adrenalin levels a boost.

They had been communicating on the phone and internet for over six months now, it had become almost a routine that his mail would come at 8:15 p.m. sharp. Sometimes a call on Skype that would last for at least an hour. What they talked was like a dream to them. There was nothing and yet there was everything.
All she knew was that time flew when she was in his company and the world was wonderful when he was in touch.

So it was natural for her heart to start pumping faster when he mentioned two days back that he would be coming to Cincinnati on a short trip and it would be nice if she would agree to meet him.

Agree to meet him? What sort of question was this? She had asked him.

Where was a question of not meeting him? Her life had turned a full circle ever since she had known him.

Curiously, he had got in touch with her quite by chance by dialing a wrong number. And then their friendship had grown within a matter of a few days. They both enjoyed each other’s company even if it was only on virtual platforms and calls and they looked forward to the appointed hour.

He made her feel like a small girl on the verge of her teens falling in love for the first time. His voice too had a young feel about him which would never betray his real age. Maybe what he talked was just words, but how would she know unless she met him. There was no question of letting this opportunity go. But then, she realized a woman has a lot to think about so many things.

“I think we should”

His sudden call at 5 p.m. instead of the usual 8:15 p.m two days back took her by surprise. He was understandably excited, because he had come to know that he was being sent on duty for a few days to Cincinnati, where she lived.
After informing her of his trip, the question that he asked should not have surprised her, but it did.
“Would you like to meet me”?
She was amazed at his openness as he mentioned that he wanted to – “live every moment of his stay with her”
Her heart was pounding at a faster pace as she tried to contain the wavering in her voice, “What do you think”?

Smiling, “of course, what about you? Would you not like to meet?”

“You know very well that I would insist”, he laughed.

And then he was back to his teasing, jovial self.

“Are you aware of the perils?”

“What perils?”

“Oh! You do not know”?

“How would I know what’s in your mind. And what are the perils in meeting you, May I ask?”

“Well, let it go for the moment”, he laughed “I’m sure you know. I have been quite vocal about it in the past”
“Okay, we shall see.” she said knowingly and smiled.

He rang again the next day with a sense of urgency.

“Hey, you know something? I’m so excited about meeting you that I wish it would be as soon as I land.”

“Are you trying to give me some hints?” she asked in a teasing manner.

“Of course”, he laughed “I want you to come to the airport so that I set my eyes first on you.”

“Flirty, as always” she laughed back. After a slight pause, “okay, I will come. I do want to, but it all depends on what time the land. The airport is far and I do not want to be there late in the evening as the kids would be alone”

“No worries”, he said. “I will be landing there around 5 p.m. Would that time suit you”?

“Yes, that would be fine, I guess”

“It does get late sometimes, but I will keep you informed before the take off”

“That would be nice. I could start accordingly from office. It takes about one hour to reach”, she said.” but I haven’t seen you, so I hope we would be able to locate each other”

“Don’t you worry”, he laughed. “Leave that to me, I would seek you out among the millions”. He was flirting again.

What should she wear? She was wondering. He had admitted that his thoughts were focused only on her beautiful face so she need not to do anything more about her appearance as he found her perfect.
Crazy guy.
In his simplistic world he wouldn’t agree that a woman still needs to plan for her appearance. Despite the hours of daily talks that they did she had never asked him what he liked or what his favorite colors were. He insisted that he liked everything about her. All she knew was that at the age of 47 she had met someone who could send her heart pounding faster than she had known.

Initially, it all appeared to be like a dream to her which had over the period of time formed into reality. The effect he had on her was something else. Some of her colleagues had even commented that she had started looking lovelier than ever with more radiance in her face. One of them had actually caught on and remarked that she was sure that she was in love!

When she mentioned this to him, he broke into an uncontrollable fit of laughter and said he wanted to meet this wonderful friend of hers. The romantic flirt that he was. She could almost foresee his reactions at most of the times but there were moments when he would surprise her, which is what she loved about him.

The last two days had gone in preparation of his visit. Typically, he had not disclosed anything about his plans. Not that he might be having any. In his erratic way of thinking there was no need to plan anything when the chemistry was just right because that would start the reactions automatically.

The morning call brought the panic back. Not because she was going to meet a strange man whom she had never met before but because of what he said.

“My flight will take off at 12 noon and land there around 5 p.m. It might get delayed by 20 to 30 minutes. Will let you know if I can”

“Okay, fine”, she said. “But where should I wait for you”. Then added “are you sure you’ll be able to make out”

“Sweetheart”, he joked “there will not be many women there, so I will be able to easily spot you being the prettiest. My worry is that you do not go away with someone else because most of the guys will younger and smart”, he started laughing uncontrollably.

“Yes, you never know”, she played along teasingly.

“Oh, by the way,” he instructed “I forgot to tell you that you got to wait outside near the Starbucks koist area. There is a big billboard while on the way to airport which you cannot miss. Try to be next to it in your car.

“But I have never seen it earlier” she said. “I guess I will have to go a bit earlier just in case”

“Yes, do that”. And then the bombshell.
Almost instinctively he added, “And I do not know how you would react to be kissed full view on the tarmac”


“You seem surprised” He said, “don’t you know me by now? Nothing can stop me from kissing you when we meet, so be prepared”, he laughed loudly.

He used to talk like this most of the time but since it was always on the phone, she would play along knowing that it was mere talk. But now, this was for the real and the suddenness of his idea caught her off guard. Somehow, she knew that this guy was mad enough to carry it through.

“You are mad even to think about it” she said, admonished him and feigning anger.

“But I will”, laughter.

“Don’t you try”, she laughed back. “You think I will let you?”

“You will have no choice”, he laughed like the man knew his mind and added. “It would happen naturally”

“What do you mean naturally?” she retorted. “People do not kiss on the tarmac naturally”

“People in love do and I love you, so I will”

“That is natural?”

“Well, let me put it this way. It will be as natural as what happens to a snow flake when it falls on the skin”.

“Nice dialogue” she laughed “and what, may I ask happens naturally to it, Mr know all”.

“It melts”.

“Oh, does it? Whatever, don’t you try any stupid thing out there else I won’t come?”

“Okay nothing stupid if you say”, he reconciled.

Than laughed, and added- “only what is natural”.

“You better behave” she teased him.

“Hmmm… We will see. Okay, now I got to go for check-in, so catch you on the tarmac later in the evening”, he laughed loudly, enjoying her predicament.

But she had faith in him and they had got very fond of each other. She admitted to herself that somehow she would not mind it and that it was what she wanted too. Stupid. She smiled at her own thoughts.

The flight was delayed by 30 minutes but she came well in time and parked the car under the shade of a big tree slightly away from the main gate of the technical area. The guard on the gate was courteous and even offered her to come and relax in the reception lounge which she declined. She did not want to confront many people on this little meeting. God knows who she would find there.

It was quite warm despite the sun having set and she put on the air-conditioner of the car to make it tolerable and prepare the car for the visitor. Taking a glance at her image in the rearview mirror from various angles she ensured that she looked attractive. She was excited about meeting him and catching herself looking in the mirror her colleagues observation came to her mind and she smiled.
She was looking beautiful, she reflected.

Suddenly, the flight was announced and there was a flurry of activity near the tarmac. Her heart started pounding faster as the big gates of the technical were opened and a crowd of men and women of all nationalities came out carrying their baggage. The area was full of people who had come to receive them.

God! How would she recognize him among this crowd when all she had seen were some photos? It was good that he had volunteered to seek her out, as she was one of the very few women who had come there.

Just to make it simpler for him, she stood outside the car amidst appreciative glances from the people passing by.

She looked at her watch. It had been 10 minutes since the gates had been opened. Where was he? Suddenly as if on cue, voice popped up from behind her.

“Hello, Ana”? It was a question as well as acknowledgement of recognition.

She should have guessed it. He would have never made a silent entry. She turned around and recognized him from his pictures immediately.

She smiled.

“Yes, that’s me”

This is all she could say.

The snow flakes were melting

wizard on December 4, 2018

Our Bond Of Friendship

On the day I first met you,
I knew you were pure and kind;
With smile so sweet and innocent,
Your thoughts so well refined.

The magic sparklers in your eyes,
With presence I still feel;
Your words so kind and loving,
Your image is so real.

As our friendship grows together,
laughing and sharing our dreams;
Maybe sometime a word or two,
Slipped past unrevealed, it seems

Every passing moment of life,
We Share emotions untold.
Our bond grows stronger,
As the days of life unfold.

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wizard on November 23, 2018

Finally Home, my Precious

I will hold you by your hand,
and show you how to fly.
I will hug you in my arms,
and kiss those tears goodbye.

For you, I will be tomorrow’s light,
and take away all your pain.
‘Cause all that matters is your happiness,
and to see you smile again.

I will hum you loving songs,
holding you in embrace.
Keep you safe, warm and nice,
till the sun’s rays stroke your face.

Carrying you over the mountain’s peak,
We will touch the skies.
And bring the stars down,
watching them twinkle in your eyes.

Kissing you tenderly, as you smile,
basking in the happiness it brings.
You will sail like a butterfly
with colourful and pretty wings.

Sometimes we just know when it happens,
that our fates were so intertwined.
You are my muse, my precious gem
I waited lifelong to find.

Come, fly with me, my lovely one,
Do not dwell too much on the past.
I am yours, as you are mine,
You are at home with me, at last!

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wizard on November 13, 2018

You are my lovely daughter,
To you, this I’d would like to say,
You are so special in my life,
You bring me joy every day.

Whenever I see a lovely smile,
I always think of you.
Realising I am so fortunate,
It is true, that blessings do come true.

You’ve changed my life for better,
I feet you right into my heart,
I just know, whatever happens in my life,
we shall never be apart.

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wizard on November 7, 2018


Please don’t go by the face you see.
For it is just a facade, a mask, I wear.
A masks that I do not often take off
And it is not the real me, my dear.

Don’t be fooled, by what you see,
Of the impression that I am secure,
that my life is smooth with no strife.
And my waters calm and I am in command,
and that I don’t need anyone, to steer my life.

On the surface i appear smooth
but remember, it is just a mask.
It varies and conceals my intense longing,
My confusion and loneliness, in which I bask.

Every time, when I hear from you,
I forget my mask, as you make my day.
Your touch levitates my thoughts and desires.
My hope is, you can now hear what I do not often say!


wizard on May 14, 2018

Control freaks are found everywhere, in the form of colleagues, bosses, friends, relatives, and even spouses.

It common to come across control freaks at work as well as home.

Tolerance levels are at a nadir and selfish part of personality is on the rise. The sentiment permeates much of modern lifestyle.

Poor upbringing with self opinioned and over-assertive parents is the main cause of such a phenomenon that actually destroys the fun in any relationship.

It can be really difficult and draining to work with, or live with, somebody who is controlling. This is because they don’t see themselves as controlling. They see themselves as being right!

Whether it’s asking you to do things in a certain way, or micromanaging events, being around a control freak can be emotionally draining.

In order to learn how to handle such people, it is important to look at their psychology- the main reason why they behave this way. It is all about anxiety.

The controlling nature stems from an opinioned upbringing by anxious parents who expect to live their dreams through their children. It may also be due to just a generalized feeling of anxiety or one-up-manship.

A sure sign of such a behaviour is the need to stick to routines, making and following “rules of the house” and having an illusion of knowing exactly how things will turn out.
These are their subconscious ways of managing and controlling with a view to to view to avoid unforeseen issues and making the other person feel like a victim.
Such a behaviour can cause stress in relationships

So when someone is obsessively dictating how you should be or feel, remember that it’s less about you and more about their own insecurities.

How to handle ‘control freaks’?

Here are things that can be done to make being around these people more bearable.

1. Give them advance warnings of changes

Control freaks take time to get used to unexpected changes. Give them time to alter their expectations so that they can find the resources to deal the change.

2. Do not try to control them

Arguing with control freaks NEVER works – since they have spent their lives working on being right. Telling them anything different only makes them more disagreeable.

3. Start being assertive

Be confident and refuse to feel victimized. Control freaks are able to sense when you feel like a victim and tend to make a bee-line for you as they get a feeling of being less anxious when you start doing what they tell you.
Instead of trying to take control, just leave the situation.

Never give justifications; and instead trust your own judgement.

4. Being consistent

Remember, control freaks are always subconsciously looking for the ways to argue about their way of doing things!
They will jump at the opportunity to point out when you are wrong. Therefore, if you consistently stick to your methods and opinions, they will have to dealing with situations different from their opinion and will stop arguements with you.

Lastly, have the self respect and resolve to avoid being a victim by being tactful, assertive and understanding.


wizard on November 22, 2017


Sun nesting slowly into the trees,

And all is quiet,like a summer breeze.

Pulling our blankets, I sense the calm night air,

And turn towards you ,fingers caressing your hair.


Arms hold you in a loving embrace

Your hands touch my lips and begin to trace

A touch so tender and ever so light

This feeling of wonder, your smile in my sight.


Tenderness of your touch on my very being

Your smile, caress and the intensity of breathing

Passion and warmth come together,I sense

This special magic in the air, its aura intense .


If someone watches us from far,

Sees euphoria high as a newborn star.

Emotions yielding to the desires and our goals

We touch and feel the passion of our souls .


Locked together close as two could be

Exposed by dimming light no one can see.

Our meeting is something we know would unviel

Passion of the night when our love sets sail.


Tomorrow will come starting a new phase,

This evening of emotion will remain our coming days.

This heart that you captured in the warm sunset glow

Will find you again, wherever you go .


Whenever I hear the trees whisper

and see the stars so clear

It is your warm presence and passion

that I feel so near.