Sun nesting slowly into the trees,

And all is quiet,like a summer breeze.

Pulling our blankets, I sense the calm night air,

And turn towards you ,fingers caressing your hair.


Arms hold you in a loving embrace

Your hands touch my lips and begin to trace

A touch so tender and ever so light

This feeling of wonder, your smile in my sight.


Tenderness of your touch on my very being

Your smile, caress and the intensity of breathing

Passion and warmth come together,I sense

This special magic in the air, its aura intense .


If someone watches us from far,

Sees euphoria high as a newborn star.

Emotions yielding to the desires and our goals

We touch and feel the passion of our souls .


Locked together close as two could be

Exposed by dimming light no one can see.

Our meeting is something we know would unviel

Passion of the night when our love sets sail.


Tomorrow will come starting a new phase,

This evening of emotion will remain our coming days.

This heart that you captured in the warm sunset glow

Will find you again, wherever you go .


Whenever I hear the trees whisper

and see the stars so clear

It is your warm presence and passion

that I feel so near.

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