What to Look For In an Ideal Boyfriend

Ideal Boyfriend

Agreed that there is no ideal human being, but there are certain traits that would give you a clue if the man you are dreaming about is really worth it. The same applies vice versa too; however, women seem to think much more on this subject, so here is a list of things that would give you a go ahead signal.

  1. Does he listen? A good boyfriend is attentive to whatever you talk about. He asks questions about your topic and more importantly, waits for his turn to speak.
  2. Does he respect your opinion? If he loves you, he ought to find your opinions interesting and would respect them despite his own differing views.
  3. Does he seem bored with you sometimes? As a lover, he should be intrigued by you and would spontaneously do interesting things for you without having to ask. He should make you feel wanted in all his activities.
  4. Is he delicate in his touch? The most important factor in a caring person is the he ought to make it look as if you were made of breakable porcelain and should touch you with gentle care.
  5. Can he please you in bed? Sex is important. Hence if he cannot care for your romantic needs above his own, he is certainly not wasting emotions on.
  6. Does he give you space? He should not be possessive nor tail you at all times. He must understand your need to be away from him at certain occasions.
  7. Healthy respect? A good person ought to have a genuine healthy respect, not only for you but also your kith and kin.
  8. Does he find faults? It’s one matter to try and bring out the best in you by corrective positive criticism within limits. However, some men tend to find fault in everything. Make sure the person you are seeing does not have these hidden traits. Observe his remarks about others; that would give you a clue how he would be after the initial sheen has worn over.
  9. Compatible values? You should never compromise on your own set of values by accommodating his habits like alcoholism, smoking, etc, under a false premise that you would slowly change him.
  10. Does he make you feel beautiful? The man who loves you for what you are is the person you ought to love. He ought to find beauty in everything you do or say. Finally, it boils down to HOW DOES HE MAKE YOU FEEL.

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