Love Story

wizard on September 6, 2019

Sanjana asked the driver to start as she got inside the car and closed her eyes to relax as it was going to be a long journey. Soon she started feeling drowsy, and the images from the past week started coming into her mind. It had been very hectic lately, which had made her postpone […]

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wizard on November 19, 2015

The Painting on the wall had gone! That was the first thing I noticed as I entered the room. I had the intuition even before I entered the house as it was something that I always feared.  Did it signify something?   Yes. She had gone! For one, it was a big personal loss as […]

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wizard on November 18, 2015

Letting go of lifelong love is not easy. Today I am feeling very low. Surprisingly, I am not angry.  Why? Because I think it turned to hatred. I know it is difficult to understand when it relates to Letting go of lifelong love for someone I loved so dearly till yesterday. The fact is that […]

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