Beautiful Poetry

wizard on January 21, 2016

  I soak in your amazing grace, Radiating from your face, And the morning rays of the sun,  Sends those vibrant colors splashing.  Reflecting on your hair, And caressing your beautiful face. A beautiful beginning,  Reflecting new dawn, Has made my life pause, As shadows and light play. Your raw and animated beauty, Announces an unparalleled start of […]

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wizard on January 17, 2016

A Beautiful World You make  my world beautiful, I see beauty all around me. The sights, the sounds, the world, Its true beauty surrounds me. The tree leaves made of emerald, The seas with richest azure, The gentle waves, the soothing sound, All I see is beautiful all around. I search my soul, trying to […]

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wizard on October 31, 2015

  Your magical smile brings happiness, And memories take me far away. My heart glimmers if deeper I go, Listening to every word you say. Wondering what brings you so close, Why fate brought you in my way? Your Magical Smile beckons me so, Why it makes my heart sway? Your ripples nudging my thoughts, […]

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wizard on October 28, 2015

Magical Dawn Magical dawn this morning, Reminds of your fragrance, And your misty eyes, as I lay Enthralled, and close my eyes. Contemplating my universe, And your existence. The morning continues, As the colors form in mind, To celebrate your hues. My senses descend silently, As I think of your smile. I feel your closeness around […]

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wizard on October 28, 2015

  The Gypsy in You The sparkling dawn of day’s break, I feel the wind, and clouds flying. The morning mist on the sea’s surface, The synch song of seagulls crying. This vagrant gypsy life you live, Is such a pure delight. I can feel the salty spray of the sea, And the rhythmic sound […]

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