Your Prismatic ambiance of love,

So beautiful, so refined.

Makes me oblivious of any sense 

This Prismatic Ambiance of Your Presence.

In Enchanting sounds of silence

I forget all the scars

Wondering and watching above;

a lovely night of stars.

So fascinating, this curling synergy,

The locks of your hair withhold

who can remain calm and sensible,

When it is easier to be insane and bold.

 Your lovely face next to mine

Makes  my world a magical shine  

luminous as the moon,

The freshness of the rose,

A sweet benediction,

flowing through your every pose.

I marvel how beautiful you are.

And fall deeper in love with life.

You, my  love, are beautiful,

I realize even more at dawn.

Prismatic is all can call you

Your presence makes life beautiful.

And all the colors come alive.

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