Painting on the wall – (A Mini story)

Painting on the wall

As I entered the room, I saw something that I always feared. The picture on the wall had gone.

Did it signify something?

Yes. She had gone!

For one, it was a big personal loss as it was my first painting of a portrait of someone I loved dearly – her.

A look at the blank space on the wall, instinctively took me back to the conversation that we had long time ago.

The relationship was getting estranged by the day and all the love that I experienced earlier seemed to be slipping out from my life; much like water flowing through the fingers while trying to retain it in my fist.  Sometimes I wonder how things can come to such a stage. Where did all the small things that held us together through years vanish?

When did she stop enjoying small things of life? 

Whenever I would get back from work and enter the room after unlocking the front door I would see her sitting beside the balcony looking out with a book in hand.  She would look up disinterestedly for a moment and then look down at her book pretending to read.

I am sure she must be expecting something from me to say, so that she could start with some argument on whatever issue I bring up.

On my part, I was only surprised to see her getting withdrawn for no apparent reason, day after day.

I expected her to walk away any day in my absence.  The suspense was killing as the days flew past; but I knew it was coming anytime.

One day I gathered the courage and asked her, “How will I know that you have gone?”

She looked up and smiled.

“Oh, don’t worry. You will know.” 

That is all.

I knew there was something more to it but did not insist on prodding any further.  Keeping my bag on the side table I moved inside to make myself some coffee and think about life without her.

Looking at the painting or rather the vacant space on the wall where the painting was held, confirmed my worst fears.

She had gone and took away with her something valuable- my love.








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