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The impact of the social media on our lives is undeniable. Whether it is for personal use or for your business, proper use of social media can easily boost your image and give you that cutting edge in whichever field you use it in.

There is a huge variety of platforms that gives the users wide range of options to choose from. What you choose and how you these social media tools can make all the difference in boosting your field of interest.

With almost 60% Smartphone user market worldwide in the age group of 18 to 25, social media apps are essential for connecting others with similar interests.

yammerThe social media platforms provide these youngsters with many opportunities and benefits; not only for the individuals but also for communities. Social interactions using these apps are valuable in developing and bolstering business as well as personal interests.

Selecting and using them wisely can make all the difference in your success rate of being noticed!

Essentials for developing Social Media

While developing social media based applications for smart phones, Microsoft Inc. keeps in mind the following objectives –

  • Understanding what holds the interest of the younger population looking greater technological advances in their smart phones, laptops and other electronic devices.
  • Have a clear idea of the market as well as the specific needs of a particular group which is to be targeted.
  • Carrying out extensive surveys to understand the essentials of what the user requirements.

Microsoft has always been on the forefront in developing the best of social media platforms. Its research focuses on three key factors – the futuristic trends, easy interface and the optimal user experience.

yammer_02Platforms like Yammer give a cutting edge to organizations by keeping their employees connected. It is a perfect tool for an organization as it increases productivity by streamlining internal communication.

It is also a perfect alternative to traditional methods of communications such as email, meetings, etc as it provides fluid and spontaneous communication in real time. It’s cross platform connectivity on apps for Android, iOS and Windows  gives a smarter way to collaborate across all verticals.

This in turn leads to improved corporate environment which is so essential as it leads to better team building. It is also ideal for collaboration with external groups. The mere functionality of its superb user interface makes it stand out amongst its own niche.

Important Ingredients Of Any Social Media Platform

A social media platform offers a value addition that is so essential by targeting a particular group after understanding their requirements.

  • Understanding the Competition – It is essential to understand what the competition is offering and give something that is more than that. For every social platform there are many competitors. Microsoft offers incentives to entrepreneurs for developing a leading platform and adapts only the best.
  • Frequent Up-gradation – No social media can succeed without a dynamic up gradation that caters to the changing needs of the users Microsoft uses some of the best technology to understand their user’s need and upgrades the various social platforms regularly to suit the ever increasing aspirations of the audience.
  • Marketing Strategy – No social media can succeed unless there is a campaign that magnifies its achievements as well as differentials that sets it apart from the competition. Regular interaction helps Microsoft Technologies maintain a huge impact because of the brand image while developing any social media platform. Hence it offers the most user friendly social media apps as well as other services.
  • Importance of Help Desk – Having an interactive customer support is core of any business in Microsoft Technologies. It has some of the best customer services in the domain that caters to all the customers’ needs.

The transition time for development of social media apps is ever decreasing and Microsoft has been well up in giving the best of social media solutions that lead to new experiences in digital living.

David Sacks, the Founder of Yammer feels that the benefits of Yammer extend well beyond enriched internal communication as, “The companies which use Yammer have employees who feel more connected to their co-workers as well as to the company’s mission.”


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wizard on May 16, 2016

A Holiday in Santorini

A Holiday in Santorini 2Santorini is one of the most beautiful places and one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world.

Its impressive caldera, famous volcano and the sight of a beautiful sunset makes it one of the most romantic spots and a perfect place for a quiet and memorable honeymoon holiday.

Getting To Santorini

Santorini is one of the famous Cyclades islands in Aegean Sea which was devastated by a violent volcanic eruption during the 16th century B.C.

Since there is an immense interest in the Greek offshore islands these days and there has been a spurt of tourist activity in this region, you will get many good ferries operating from the mainland. Since these ferries go to most islands, a holiday in Santorini should ideally be combined with the other islands.

Although the best way to go on a Holiday in Santorini is to catch a ferry but some people also prefer to choose the services of chartered flights. Personally, I would recommend trying out the ferries because you would be able to see the breathtaking beauty of the sea dotted with numerous small beautiful Greek islands as you cruise past them.

Top Reasons for a Holiday in Santorini

A Holiday in SantoriniSantorini has two principal townships, Oia and Fira. These towns lie on the rim of cliffs above the underwater caldera (crater) and overlook the pristine Aegean Sea.

With its long picturesque beaches made of white lava pebbles and the clear blue water all around, Santorini looks like something straight out of the book.  

It radiates the warmth of its people and natural beauty that speaks for itself; which makes it a top choice of honeymooners a well as tourists looking for something out of the ordinary.

The amazing sights, the delicious food and the warmth of the people who live on this island is something that will make you fill full of positive energy.

If you start taking pictures of the breathtaking beauty of this place you will have a collection that would certainly fill up the entire album and refresh your memories for years to come.




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wizard on February 8, 2016


I’ve met many others before,

Yet,  I’ve never felt like this,

The way my senses inhale you

My body quivers,

with an exceptional bliss,

How I wish my senses get frozen

From my intensity of sweet desire,

I need you with me always

To hold you, feel you in my arms,

Till we are finally consumed by fire.

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wizard on January 21, 2016



The morning rays of sun,
Reflecting on your hair.
A beautiful sight they all say,
Your awakened beauty,
Reveals unparalleled start of day.

Vibrant colors splashing,
caressing your beautiful face.
Reflects a new dawn,
Makes my life pause,
As I soak in the amazing grace.

wizard on January 17, 2016


(Picture Courtesy : Archie Mishra)

You make  my world beautiful,

I see beauty all around me.

The sights, the sounds, the world,

Its true beauty surrounds me.

The tree leaves made of emerald,

The seas with richest azure,

The gentle waves, the soothing sound,

All I see is beautiful all around.

I search my soul, trying to know

What makes this world go around?

Which flute is so magical?

What could be the source of this sound?

You beauty glistens in the sun

I feel the rays, And then realize,

The addiction has just begun.

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wizard on January 11, 2016

Concept image of the six most common questions and answers on a signpost.

Instinct or intuition is the capability of having a flash of knowledge of certain event even before it has happened. Simply speaking, it is that gut feeling which, at hindsight, turns out to be right!

We all get these flashes at some time of the other; some of us however get it more than the others. Most of us generally simply overlook and brush it aside and recall only after something that came as instinct, proved to be correct.

Only a few mention it later as just one of those gut feelings that happened. What is amazing however, is the fact that people who place bets, go to horse races, indulge in lottery, etc seem to trust this amazing source of guidance more than scientists and believers!

With a little thought, you would realize that if you could train this instant or intuition and arrive at sound knowledge which you can use in your life it would make it much more meaningful and also give better results for every event that happens.

If you could train your instinct you could also use it for getting that “inner” guidance when in a tight corner.

How to train your instinct

1.    Trust your Instincts -The first step to training your instinct is learning to trust it.  As you trust it and proceed with this training you would see amazing results; some coming very slowly at first, but in the long run if you continue and have faith, it will help you achieving so many things that you desire and would solidify your faith even further.
What happens when you make a choice from among many candidates that have similar qualifications?  How do you select the best when everything else seems equal? Well, at this time your instinct comes into play and you automatically choose what you feel is the best; it is like the gut feeling that you have. But how often is this correct?  Training your instinct involves tapping into the subconscious mind to get the best results.

2.   Meditate – The next step is to learning to do instant meditation; that is, getting into this state for a short while instantly.  Meditation brings your mind to rest and helps in removing the clutter and noise which in turn makes it easier for you to focus and communicate with your subconscious mind that drives your thought process and actions. This is the time when you just hold on for a moment and listen to it.

3.   Ask the right question and learn to listen – this is very important; once your mind is at rest and calm, ask the question and wait for the answer.  To do so, you have to formulate the question very clearly before you start meditation.  Having made your mind calm, hold it in that state till the time you get the first thought about the question that you asked.  It may not come easily at first but with training, this communication between your thought and your subconscious would become clearer and clearer and you would get better results as you proceed.

4.   Listen to your gut feeling– sometimes thoughts come to us without even asking questions. Do not brush them aside or overlook them.  Instead, make a note of such fleeting thoughts that have been coming to you at odd moments. They often form a pattern that points to a solution.

5.   Make a journal of intuitive thoughts – Quite often, while you would notice that thoughts that arise without your knowledge are about the situation that is currently at hand or that is bothering you for some time.  These are also about the situations in which you are seeking some answers.   Therefore, it stands to reason that if you make a journal of these thoughts that pop in and out of your mind at all times. You would find it much easier going through them at the later time frame to see which ones of them applied to the situation and use it for your own good.
For training and training related issues please Contact HERE

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wizard on January 7, 2016

Woman-and-the-SunMost of us live our lives like chameleons; trying to “blend-in” by moulding our personalities and beliefs based on others opinions.

We trade our authentic self for security of being accepted and liked by our family, friends, peer groups as well as colleagues because of our fear of being judged as per their way of thinking.

And what does that lead to?

By suppressing our opinions, we are perceived as “good person” or “easy going”; But at a heavy cost.

We disrespected ourselves by allowing others to have an influence on some of the most crucial and major decisions of our lives. We end up not trusting ourselves to make our own choices. 

We withhold our thoughts and emotions and convey mixed signals or simply end up accepting something that we do not inherently like. Our frustration often turns into anger and that leads to guilt, shame, and anxiety. This is certainly a huge price to pay just so that others accept and like us!

This also destroys our confidence as well as self-worthiness. 

The only real solution to this is acceptance of what you are. You do not have to confirm to others beliefs but should be authentic.

Authenticity requires soul searching, commitment and hard work. Here are a few ideas to do so-

Step 1: Self love and forgiveness

Start by honoring and accepting the past by cultivating kindness towards yourself. Always be content and kind to yourself by stopping to blame yourself (or your luck) for whatever happened.

Step 2: Willingness to own your past mistakes and make a positive change.

Owning up own shortcomings and mistakes is the best way to repair our confidence and self-worth. Therefore make a commitment to change this.

Step 3: Creating a daily self-practice.

A daily practice of being truthful to yourself and living authentically takes care of the mind, body, as well as the spirit and nurtures a loving relationship with our soul. The following practices should be consciously followed in our life –

  • Mindfulness – Authentic people accept challenges and deal with situations calmly and display gratitude and love. How do we that? 
  • Self-respect – Be mindful of your beliefs. Remember, there will always be people who will not like your ideas, beliefs and attitude of self assurance – their opinions simply do not matter.
  • Courage – Create your own rules and standards that reflect your ideas and are in harmony with your true self. Have the courage to do what you believe is right. By doing so you will gain the inner strength and build your self-confidence.
  • Boldness – Be focused on being truthful at every moment, Once you are less focused about the acceptance and potential rejection from others you will feel liberated; which will definitely make you more happy. You will then face the world with more profound peace and confidence.


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wizard on January 3, 2016


This dawn is beautiful because of you,
A gift of God… mesmerising and divine
Each day brings up, your memories so fine
Etched in thought they grow
They are priceless… Beyond time.

wizard on December 16, 2015

manifesttruedestiny1Manifestation is used  for achievement of goals. Be it a job,  business, relationship, material goods, general money abundance, treatment of disease, etc.
Reiki is a very powerful technique to achieve the same. This is so because all that you seek is its inherent factor – it is an intelligent energy  that gives us unexpectedly magical results.

All those who practice Reiki often see all their desires take shape. And that’s not all! Not only will you see the conscious desires take shape, but also latent out subconscious ones. There are no limits to what all you can manifest.

Reiki and manifestation are both based on the laws of attraction. But Reiki uses it for the larger good of the universe whereas manifestation is specific to an individual for a particular cause.

Manifestation can be seen as a subset of Reiki. At this point, let me also clarify that Reiki is just one of the tools to manifest; there are many other methods but – Reiki is very easy and at the same time one of the most effective too. It can be done with much more relative ease than any other methods.

Of course, you need to have been trained to at least level one; and preferably to level two. If you haven’t done so, is a good time to start.

But wait!

You can also do it a similar way but getting a Reiki practitioner to do it for you. Most will not charge you too much for this and will limit it to a charge that is levied for one Reiki healing session. This can also be done remotely.

Things to know

  • In manifestations we are going to seek help of the universal forces to initiate and change circumstances that lead to  achievement of your goals. This takes time, sometimes even weeks.depending upon  your aim. But generally you will start “feeling” the chances before they start occurring. Therefore, just be patient and carry on your practice’s regularly and sincerely.
  • Never do a manifestation that would harm anyone even obliquely. Eg – If you are seeking a job, don’t seek a job that has already got someone employed on it. If you seek a good life partner, leave it to the unseen forces to decide, don’t try to manifest on a particular person because he out she may be married or interested in someone else and you should refrain from forcing them into an alliance.
  • Always have a positive intent and that will work out the best way for you. Discuss with your Reiki master or write HERE giving your situation and you will get the wordings for exact positive intent that would get you the desired result.

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wizard on December 11, 2015

gridA grid is a special design or grouping of stones.

In Reiki healings, these stones (crystals) are charged and arranged in a particular design for specific situations and purposes. When empowered with a sacred intention, each stone amplifies the energy of other stones and together they can lead to achievement of intent in a very short time.

How does this happen?

Crystals are characterized by a unique vibration or energy. Remember how a quartz crystal runs the modern day clocks? A quartz crystal creates a frequency that oscillates very precisely when a mild current is passed, which makes the quartz clocks more accurate than any mechanical clocks. Similarly all the crystals in the grids have their own vibrational frequencies that have an effect on the surroundings. By using a grid and energizing it, a Reiki practitioner amplifies these individual frequencies to magnify and resonate to form a vortex of energy which helps in achieving the desired effect.

In the hands of a Reiki practitioner, this can lead to dramatic effects.

Essentials of a Basic Quartz Gridgrid2

  • Establishing a sacred and positive intent
  • Selection of appropriate crystals for your intent
  • Selection of correct type of master crystal
  • Cleansing and charging of the crystals
  • Drawing and connecting the grid lines
  • Maintenance and linking of the Grid
  • Empowering the grid with the Prayer of Intention
  • Dismantling of grid after the purpose has been achieved

For FREE ADVICE AND REIKI GRISTAL GRID for you please contact me HERE giving out your specific need.

Please note – this is a FREE service, but you may donate a return exchange by any form (monetary, simple blessings, donation in a place of worship or helping out someone in your vicinity)

Blessings and love ….






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