wizard on January 3, 2016


This dawn is beautiful because of you,
A gift of God… mesmerising and divine
Each day brings up, your memories so fine
Etched in thought they grow
They are priceless… Beyond time.

wizard on December 16, 2015

manifesttruedestiny1Manifestation is used  for achievement of goals. Be it a job,  business, relationship, material goods, general money abundance, treatment of disease, etc.
Reiki is a very powerful technique to achieve the same. This is so because all that you seek is its inherent factor – it is an intelligent energy  that gives us unexpectedly magical results.

All those who practice Reiki often see all their desires take shape. And that’s not all! Not only will you see the conscious desires take shape, but also latent out subconscious ones. There are no limits to what all you can manifest.

Reiki and manifestation are both based on the laws of attraction. But Reiki uses it for the larger good of the universe whereas manifestation is specific to an individual for a particular cause.

Manifestation can be seen as a subset of Reiki. At this point, let me also clarify that Reiki is just one of the tools to manifest; there are many other methods but – Reiki is very easy and at the same time one of the most effective too. It can be done with much more relative ease than any other methods.

Of course, you need to have been trained to at least level one; and preferably to level two. If you haven’t done so, is a good time to start.

But wait!

You can also do it a similar way but getting a Reiki practitioner to do it for you. Most will not charge you too much for this and will limit it to a charge that is levied for one Reiki healing session. This can also be done remotely.

Things to know

  • In manifestations we are going to seek help of the universal forces to initiate and change circumstances that lead to  achievement of your goals. This takes time, sometimes even weeks.depending upon  your aim. But generally you will start “feeling” the chances before they start occurring. Therefore, just be patient and carry on your practice’s regularly and sincerely.
  • Never do a manifestation that would harm anyone even obliquely. Eg – If you are seeking a job, don’t seek a job that has already got someone employed on it. If you seek a good life partner, leave it to the unseen forces to decide, don’t try to manifest on a particular person because he out she may be married or interested in someone else and you should refrain from forcing them into an alliance.
  • Always have a positive intent and that will work out the best way for you. Discuss with your Reiki master or write HERE giving your situation and you will get the wordings for exact positive intent that would get you the desired result.

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wizard on December 11, 2015

gridA grid is a special design or grouping of stones.

In Reiki healings, these stones (crystals) are charged and arranged in a particular design for specific situations and purposes. When empowered with a sacred intention, each stone amplifies the energy of other stones and together they can lead to achievement of intent in a very short time.

How does this happen?

Crystals are characterized by a unique vibration or energy. Remember how a quartz crystal runs the modern day clocks? A quartz crystal creates a frequency that oscillates very precisely when a mild current is passed, which makes the quartz clocks more accurate than any mechanical clocks. Similarly all the crystals in the grids have their own vibrational frequencies that have an effect on the surroundings. By using a grid and energizing it, a Reiki practitioner amplifies these individual frequencies to magnify and resonate to form a vortex of energy which helps in achieving the desired effect.

In the hands of a Reiki practitioner, this can lead to dramatic effects.

Essentials of a Basic Quartz Gridgrid2

  • Establishing a sacred and positive intent
  • Selection of appropriate crystals for your intent
  • Selection of correct type of master crystal
  • Cleansing and charging of the crystals
  • Drawing and connecting the grid lines
  • Maintenance and linking of the Grid
  • Empowering the grid with the Prayer of Intention
  • Dismantling of grid after the purpose has been achieved

For FREE ADVICE AND REIKI GRISTAL GRID for you please contact me HERE giving out your specific need.

Please note – this is a FREE service, but you may donate a return exchange by any form (monetary, simple blessings, donation in a place of worship or helping out someone in your vicinity)

Blessings and love ….






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wizard on November 28, 2015

It is a good idea to make closed groups with like minded people. This could be your school mates , relatives, organisation, colleagues, etc.

Yahoo groups are one of the oldest and widely used platforms.

Here is a quick guide to manage your way thru it for better management of files, photos and mails.


Go to www.groups.yahoo.com

Sign in with your yahoo ID. If you don’t have one, make it or sign in with other alternatives given there.

You will come across your yahoo home page for groups – something like this –




You will see the page with list of all YOUR groups on to the left (numbered 2 in figure above)

Also, your profile and the yahoo mail can be accessed by clicking on appropriate links (Numbered 3 & 4 in the figure above)

You can then click on the group of your choice to go to that groups specific page. n this case eksauchar.

This will take you to that group and you will see this type of page given below –



By clicking on Number 4 and 5 in the figure, you can access the photos or files – and 6 & 7 will give yoy the management of site tools as well as your membership details.

NOTE – to get attachments to your mail you MUST select the membership of INDIVIDUAL mails. The daily digest will not have attachments that are uploaded by other members; for which you will have to visit your group online (as given above).

Do go thru other links and experiment with uploading files for common use of the members.




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wizard on November 19, 2015

sri portraiytAs I entered the room, I saw something that I always feared. The picture on the wall had gone.

Did it signify something?

Yes. She had gone!

For one, it was a big personal loss as it was my first painting of a portrait of someone I loved dearly – her.

A look at the blank space on the wall, instinctively took me back to the conversation that we had long time ago.

The relationship was getting estranged by the day and all the love that I experienced earlier seemed to be slipping out from my life; much like water flowing through the fingers while trying to retain it in my fist.  Sometimes I wonder how things can come to such a stage. Where did all the small things that held us together through years vanish?

When did she stop enjoying small things of life? 

Whenever I would get back from work and enter the room after unlocking the front door I would see her sitting beside the balcony looking out with a book in hand.  She would look up disinterestedly for a moment and then look down at her book pretending to read.

I am sure she must be expecting something from me to say, so that she could start with some argument on whatever issue I bring up.

On my part, I was only surprised to see her getting withdrawn for no apparent reason, day after day.

I expected her to walk away any day in my absence.  The suspense was killing as the days flew past; but I knew it was coming anytime.

One day I gathered the courage and asked her, “How will I know that you have gone?”

She looked up and smiled.

“Oh, don’t worry. You will know.” 

That is all.

I knew there was something more to it but did not insist on prodding any further.  Keeping my bag on the side table I moved inside to make myself some coffee and think about life without her.

Looking at the painting or rather the vacant space on the wall where the painting was held, confirmed my worst fears.

She had gone and took away with her something valuable- my love.








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wizard on November 18, 2015


Today I am feeling very low.

Because, I developed a hatred for someone I loved dearly till yesterday.

Now, before you jump to conclusions hear me out.

We love from our heart, right?

Actually, we love first from our mind. Then it gets transmitted to the heart.

The problem is that when we love from the heart it is unreasonably fixated. When we love from mind, it is realistic. It considers all factors and only then decides to put that spark in the heart.

Once in the heart, it remains etched into permanency till… it is so broken that it goes back into the mind, which throws it off.
Till yesterday, despite all the signals I kept ignoring, because that desire kindled somewhere in the corner of my heart. Though I knew that the time had moved on… I believed we could still make it work.

Till yesterday.

After years of trying to convince about how truly deep my love was but when we met yesterday my heart, my mind, my sense of touch, smell and hearing AND my intuitive sixth sense all came together… And I guess the message came loud and clear.

My heart let go of that deep feeling and sent it to my mind to analyze. In a way I guess the subconscious part of the mind had already known it; and it was now that the conscious mind analyzed and, in a way, approved the break up and decided to let go.

I am so surprised and as I write this. I am wondering whether this is just a transient feeling of anger. And I know that while there is anger, and sadness, the circle is complete.letting-go

A crack in the heart…. I will bear it as a remembrance of wonderful times we shared together; experiencing the most beautiful feeling that is so rare.

I used to love… I have lost.

I had collected so many pictures over the past years-  and would often look at them wonderfully his beautiful everything was. Today, I deleted them all.

Time has come to forget and move on.

I am sad, and wonder if there would be another such phase ever in my life again.

Who knows? At the moment, I just want to sleep….





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wizard on November 8, 2015

536_origWhat is marriage?

You were going about your daily life; looking for an ideal “life partner” – and suddenly things changed around you when you thought you met someone that made your heart stop.

But in reality what happened was that you stopped looking at the world rationally when your entire focus seemed to be just to “get married to my soul mate and live a happy life thereafter, raising children and generally live up to a prototype how a “good family” should be.
If all goes well it would be “a marriage made in heaven”.


How wrong that can be!

Are the marriages really made in heaven?  You were looking for someone YOU liked that and hence got married. What role did heavens have in this?   
Was it not just a question of projecting your desires and going ahead with what you consider the proper thing in your mind?

There has to be certain element of intellect and logic when it comes to anything that we do; especially when we form lifelong relationships.  But this is something that we normally falter at, always.  And the so called “made in heaven” marriage breaks apart sooner than it took time to form!

Most relationships are formed by reasons that are only emotional; and have nothing to do with logic or intellect or even reality that surrounds us.  It is generally our own imagination that is at work; which is why marriages fail once the initial sheen wears off.
People get together and its common to see such strong emotional projections like- “oh it’s my soul mate”, “we been together even before this life”!

Then how come such marriages break?1

When we talk of the soul we are referring to something that is beyond the entire physicality of the world around us, something beyond our mental and emotional realms.  The sensations generated by our body in response to what we feel using our five senses.  Soul is much beyond that. So how can anyone “feel” that they have met the Soul mate? It is all in our mind!

Therefore, quite often we do not we tend to think logically or analyze intellectually when it comes to making relationships that are permanent in our lives.  

So let’s be realistic. The relationships in marriages are all made right here on the earth. Therefore the fact that we get into serious relationships for life; something like marriage presuming that it is made in heaven is the first mistake that we make.
What we should do instead is to keep  our eyes and ears open understand and know a person fully before getting into something as serious as marriage.  
And what do we do?
Instead of covering our logical instincts to know a person well, we cover it with a veil of this presumption of marriage is being made in heaven.  It is actually so unfair to get into something for the entire life without even knowing anything much about the person based just on our imagination!

Marriage is essentially two people growing together and to make it work well they have to give an 3opportunity to each other to be with what he or she likes and grow into life together.  Before getting into any commitment as serious as marriage you got to be very conscious about the entire thing and should ask yourself –
Am I using this person just because he or she makes me happy?
Do I want this person just because I am happy being with him or her? Or
Do I want to be with this person because I am already happy and I just want to share and get reciprocation of this happiness from this person?
Is it about reciprocation that is giving and taking or is it just about taking?  Yes things like – I want you, you make me happy, you are lovely to look etc are a pointer to the fact that all you want is about taking.  Your entire alignment is all about getting what you want. Even a perfect marriage or a soul mate.  

If someone fits in all your parameters – yes, it is what you would say a marriage made in heaven. This is what it is almost all relationships are all about – expectations.  Had it been something beyond you and more unconditional, only then it would transient into much more.

love-couple-images-and-wallpaper-4A conditional relationship is a limited relationship – and it is against the basic nature of humans. They abhor restrictions and limitations.  People really don’t like to be limited.  If they have something, they want more and on getting that they won’t even more.  When they have that, they want to get beyond and so on it goes!

Conditional relationships are therefore very limited relationship which would be enjoyed only for a very short period of time.  Therefore, it is important that you get out of your limitations and get into something that is boundless, unlimited relationship, without any expectations.  That is the type of relationship that would continue to grow and grow and enrich your life. 

Remember – the essence of all relationship is growth and once you stop growth by imposing restrictions it is bound to crumble. For relationship to be actually successful it has to be based on logic, intellect and the tendency to grow.

It is all about the art of acceptance with least expectations.


(Article courtesy : http://healings.weebly.com/)




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After a great event, we carry the fond memories captured in our hearts, minds AND Cameras :)…. and when we want to upload some of these images from cameras, we discover that they take ages to upload (and view, subsequently) because the size captured in a camera by default is almost 4MB !

So How do we reduce them?

Here is a hands on tutorial on one such method. We will do this using the photo-editing application called IRFAN VIEW. I rate it higher than adobe since it is one of the easiest and most user friendly software that makes working on any pictures so very easy.

Okay, so first go to this site and download the software – it is totally free.http://www.irfanview.com

Having downloaded, install it and you are ready for the quick fixes to your pictures. This tutorial will cover –

A.    How to resize a single picture

B.     How to resize the entire lot of pictures in a folder (it will also touch upon a simple method of enhancing the colors)


(click on pictures to enlarge)

1     First locate the picture on your device and right click on it. You will get a drop down menu that will give an option of “OPEN WITH” – choose Irfan view by clicking on it. The menu looks something like this –




2.     Now once the picture opens, go to the top menu of Irfan View and click on “IMAGE” and select “RESIZE” – as shown below –



3.      Now select the appropriate options from the next dialogue box. I have given two alternatives. These are in RED and BLUE in the picture below. Select any combination and press okay and you are done! It is important to KEEP the aspect ratio and select the percentage judicially. The option in blue is best for viewing on the monitor of your device as it is optimised to the screen size.




In case you have many pictures that you wish to reduce in size OR convert to any common form (eg. grayscale) the batch conversion utility makes it possible in just a few clicks. Here is how –

1.     First,  make a new folder on your desktop or any other location where you want to save the new files. This will ensure your original files remain intact. See below –



2.      Open the folder where you have the files that you want to convert.

3.      Right click on any one picture icon and select “open with”>irfan view ; see picture below



4.      Now click on Irfan view menu and choose “FILE”>BATCH CONVERSION



5.     You will get a screen that will look like the one given below. Follow the steps as shown. Step 1 is the file where you have your original pictures. Select the options upto  as listed in the sequence upto 4 as shown- step 5 will be done later.



6.      After coming to step 4 above click on step 5 ie advanced and select the options as shown in the screen below – You may choose any percentage. The rule of the thumb is to make it 10% for 4 MB files, 20% for 2 MB files and 25% for 1 MB files. This will give you about 250 KB file as output. Click on OK once done.



7.     Now back to the screen as shown and follow though the steps given – Select the folder where you want the output ie the folder “converted pictures” that you made in Step 1 above.



8.   Once you click on “Start Batch” the files will start converting and result will be displayed in side window as given below.



9.    That is it !

10.   Once done, go to your output folder and check the sizes, colors etc and start uploading 🙂

If there has been some mistake like size being too small or still large, just make a new blank folder and apply corrections in the relevant percentage dialogue box in batch conversion and run it again!





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wizard on November 8, 2015

buttrfluBefore we embark upon any type of alternative therapy, it is better to understand what exactly makes the holistic or energy healing work. This is because the basic principle of energy healing is not to treat the physical body but to treat the source of energy that governs this body as we see it in the physical form.

Although there is no shortcut to success as far as energy healing is concerned, the best way to derive results from energy healing are given below-

  1. Have a Clear Goal – before you start anything it is important to know yourself and what you want to achieve. Only once your ideas about what you want to achieve are clear, can you embark upon how to achieve it. Therefore, think as to what exactly do you want to do with energy healing.
  2. Selflessness – these days when everything around us is changing and the world is becoming more and more commercialized and monetized it is very important to learn the art of selflessness. That is to say, thinking beyond your own self and thereby thinking beyond the worldly gains.
  3. Focus On the Aura– this is very important and it is head there many people make the mistake. While doing energy healing they start focusing upon the physical body; which is something what the modern medicine does.  You have to think beyond and focus upon the energy of The Spiritual body.
  4. The Art Of Giving – needless to say, when you are focusing upon energy healing you have to think about r5just one thing and that is – to achieve lasting healing effect. This does not happen when you expect something in return; hence we have to learn to give without expectations.
  5. Practice Hard and Practice Often – like everything else, results of spiritual healing can be seen only after very hard practice; and one can achieve better and better results by doing it often. The more you practice the more is the effect as you progress.
  6. Removal Of Blockages – before doing any spiritual or energy healing on anyone,  it is important to first remove your own blockages; which may be in the form of physical, emotional, mental  or spiritual manifestations.  When you do energy healing you should have only one thing in mind – achieving the healing.
  7. A Simple and Holistic Lifestyle – this is perhaps the most important thing that you should keep in mind if you want to become an energy healer.   What you are yourself makes all the difference in what you want transmit and hence – if you want to transfer positivity and healing then you yourself should be leading such a life.  To do this it is important to follow the Principles of Yamas and Niyamas

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wizard on October 31, 2015



Your magical smile brings happiness today

And memories take me far away.

My heart glimmers if deeper I go

Listening to every word you say.


Wondering what brings you close

Why fate brought you my way?

Why your smile beckons?

Why it makes my heart sway?


Your ripples nudging my thoughts

Taking me to a fairy tale land,

In gentle currents of memories,

By waving your magic wand.