Health Capsule

Health Capsule

What do we normally do when your health is down?

We pop pills and capsules containing various drugs and chemicals to bring instant relief to our suffering. But they also bring with them a host of side effects. When the effect of drugs wears off the problems often reoccur and diseases start multiplying. Then we take more capsules.

Is there a way out?

Of course there is! All we have to do is follow the right way of living.

Here are some of the very small ideas that I call my “Health Capsule” which, if followed, is preventive and curative depending on what your present state of health is.  There are no absolutely side-effects. After reading them, I would advise you to implement them in your lifestyle.

Let’s make a deal. If you find following all of them a bit difficult initially, then adopt any three of them and subsequently built up upon those by adding the others one by one.

This capsule consists of the following eight constituents in the order of precedence as we start the day:

1.           Stretching your Body (Hatha Yoga) – Have you noticed what every animal does on waking up from sleep? It stretches its body to the full. Not once, but many times.  This is the way it would be with humans too if we were to follow the correct lifestyle of following the body clock in resonance with nature by sleeping in time and waking up in time. But with the changing patterns of lifestyle, more and more people are sleeping late and getting up late. With the result that when they get up all they do is slumber groggily to the washroom and thereafter hurriedly make it to work.

Stretching our body should be the first thing that we should do in the morning. It. has a number of health benefits. Try to implement this at least in its basic form by stretching fully a few times on waking up. Besides this, if you can implement Hatha yoga it would not only keep you away from all diseases but also set you up and make you feel good throughout the day.

Hatha Yoga is a series of postures that stretch and limber your body. It is designed to strengthen and tone our nervous system, hormonal system, cardiovascular system as well as your muscular and skeletal system. It is the most time-tested and proven exercise program that ever existed.

2.         Meditation – Meditation is a wonderful method that introduces you to yourself. It is gentle and soothing and is an essential tool for the transformation of our personality. It promotes emotional and physical health by bringing equilibrium in secretion of hormones and makes various organs of the body function in a balanced way.  It makes an instant shield of protection from lifestyle diseases and helps us cope with life when we are over stressed and over worked.

3          Using Neti (Nasal) Pot – The Neti pot is a small pot used for nasal wash that provides a simple and easy solution for overcoming various allergies, sinus and pulmonary problems caused by environmental degradation.  This should be used regularly, prior to the breathing exercises (covered in the next step). Breathing correctly and easily through your nose promotes clear thinking and relaxation.

4.         Breathing– We all breathe, but by mentioning it here, I want to emphasis upon the importance of the correct way of breathing. There is nothing better than a few breathing exercises when we are looking for a shortcut to improve our health as well as mood instantly.  It is the easiest and the most powerful tool to improve mental health.

The pattern of breathing impacts our mind. This in turn controls emotions and metabolism. Thus, when we learn to regulate the movement of air from our lungs gently, not only do we protect ourselves from many diseases but also it helps us overcome unhappiness and anxiety instantly.

5.         The Right Food and Diet – The type of food that we consume has a direct long-term bearing on our health. In the short-term, it has an effect on how we feel. The type of food that we eat is important because that can make us energetic, sleepy or dull.  It can also make us feel restless or irritable.

Our food should be fresh, warm and delicious. It should also be in tune with what our body needs. Every individual has a different need and if a need is felt one can take advice from a Naturopath. A correct diet will help you maintain optimal weight, vigor and strength.

6.         Relaxation – To be alert and vital throughout the day, we must learn to relax. Relaxation is not about not doing any work or taking longer naps. It means learning to rest, cleanse and refresh both body and the mind. The right technique of relaxation can help us to fight fatigue and mental dullness. When we learn to relax properly, we gain benefits not found in sleep or exercise.

7.         Rejuvenation Herbs – Whatever we need in our lives has been provided by nature around us.  This is not only in the form of food but also a number of herbs which can be used for our overall well-being. They help the mind and body organize and utilize their own resources for prevention and healing of various problems. These are what I call the “Rejuvenation Herbs”.  They have been time-tested and proven for their curative properties over centuries. Backed by thousands of years of consistent results, they can easily be included in our daily lifestyle as per need.

8.         Ayurveda – Ayurveda is the ancient science of good health and longevity. It applies to all spheres of medicines like psychology, physical therapy, etc by providing us with a comprehensive plan to prevent and resolve ailments of the mind and body without fear of any side-effects.


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  1. Nicely ‘encapsulated’ Wizard!…Great pointers indeed to a healthy , happy and fulfilling life….I have been following most of these in my daily routine for a long time now, and feel that they have definitely helped me to live a fulsome life so far!:-)

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