Finally Home, my Precious

I will hold you by your hand,
and show you how to fly.
I will hug you in my arms,
and kiss those tears goodbye.

For you, I will be tomorrow’s light,
and take away all your pain.
‘Cause all that matters is your happiness,
and to see you smile again.

I will hum you loving songs,
holding you in embrace.
Keep you safe, warm and nice,
till the sun’s rays stroke your face.

Carrying you over the mountain’s peak,
We will touch the skies.
And bring the stars down,
watching them twinkle in your eyes.

Kissing you tenderly, as you smile,
basking in the happiness it brings.
You will sail like a butterfly
with colourful and pretty wings.

Sometimes we just know when it happens,
that our fates were so intertwined.
You are my muse, my precious gem
I waited lifelong to find.

Come, fly with me, my lovely one,
Do not dwell too much on the past.
I am yours, as you are mine,
You are at home with me, at last!

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3 Comments on Finally Home, my Precious

  1. Pooja says:

    Beautiful poetry

  2. wizard says:

    Thank you 🙂

  3. Mala says:

    Cp this is so wonderful I love it , it is to lovely and sweet for words, thank you my dear and close friend

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