wizard on January 14, 2019

On a moonlit night, When I look at the starry sky,My thoughts always run towards you, and I ponder to myself, how and why? Wondering why I love you so, often I think and smile,Because it is not just one thing about us; the list would run for miles. Your soft whispers in my ears, […]

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wizard on January 5, 2019

As I lie in bed, thinking of you,Passionate, eyes smouldering with fire.Nothing exists, in that momentJust you and me, transfixed, filled with deep desire. Hands entwined, and bodies entangled. Deep desires we dreamt forever,Merging of souls, and bodiesQuivering lips locked together.

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wizard on December 9, 2018

(Disclaimer – This is a work of Fiction . Any resemblance to any person or event is a mere coincidence ) Ana was in two minds since last few days and had not been able to resolve whether she should go and receive him or not. The early morning phone call put her into further […]

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wizard on January 21, 2016

  The morning rays of sun, Reflecting on your hair. A beautiful sight they all say, Your awakened beauty, Reveals unparalleled start of day. Vibrant colors splashing, caressing your beautiful face. Reflects a new dawn, Makes my life pause, As I soak in the amazing grace.

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wizard on January 3, 2016

This dawn is beautiful because of you, A gift of God… mesmerising and divine Each day brings up, your memories so fine Etched in thought they grow They are priceless… Beyond time.

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wizard on October 31, 2015

  Your magical smile brings happiness today And memories take me far away. My heart glimmers if deeper I go Listening to every word you say.   Wondering what brings you close Why fate brought you my way? Why your smile beckons? Why it makes my heart sway?   Your ripples nudging my thoughts Taking […]

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