wizard on November 23, 2018

Finally Home, my Precious I will hold you by your hand, and show you how to fly. I will hug you in my arms, and kiss those tears goodbye. For you, I will be tomorrow’s light, and take away all your pain. ‘Cause all that matters is your happiness, and to see you smile again. […]

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wizard on November 13, 2018

You are my lovely daughter, To you, this I’d would like to say, You are so special in my life, You bring me joy every day. Whenever I see a lovely smile, I always think of you. Realising I am so fortunate, It is true, that blessings do come true. You’ve changed my life for […]

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wizard on November 7, 2018

  Please don’t go by the face you see. For it is just a facade, a mask, I wear. A masks that I do not often take off And it is not the real me, my dear. Don’t be fooled, by what you see, Of the impression that I am secure, that my life is […]

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