wizard on November 28, 2015

It is a good idea to make closed groups with like minded people. This could be your school mates , relatives, organisation, colleagues, etc. Yahoo groups are one of the oldest and widely used platforms. Here is a quick guide to manage your way thru it for better management of files, photos and mails. STEP 1 […]

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wizard on November 19, 2015

As I entered the room, I saw something that I always feared. The picture on the wall had gone. Did it signify something? Yes. She had gone! For one, it was a big personal loss as it was my first painting of a portrait of someone I loved dearly – her. A look at the blank […]

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wizard on November 18, 2015

Today I am feeling very low. Why? Because, I developed a hatred for someone I loved dearly till yesterday. Now, before you jump to conclusions hear me out. We love from our heart, right? Wrong!  Actually, we love first from our mind. Then it gets transmitted to the heart. The problem is that when we […]

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wizard on November 8, 2015

What is marriage? You were going about your daily life; looking for an ideal “life partner” – and suddenly things changed around you when you thought you met someone that made your heart stop. But in reality what happened was that you stopped looking at the world rationally when your entire focus seemed to be […]


After a great event, we carry the fond memories captured in our hearts, minds AND Cameras :)…. and when we want to upload some of these images from cameras, we discover that they take ages to upload (and view, subsequently) because the size captured in a camera by default is almost 4MB ! So How […]

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wizard on November 8, 2015

Before we embark upon any type of alternative therapy, it is better to understand what exactly makes the holistic or energy healing work. This is because the basic principle of energy healing is not to treat the physical body but to treat the source of energy that governs this body as we see it in […]

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