Traffic Exchange Fundamentals – Boost Traffic to Your Web Site

There are a number of traffic exchange programmes on the Internet, each one claiming to have some unique feature by which tries to attract more and more people to sign up.

What exactly is a traffic exchange programme?

Essentially, it is a service by which you register your web site and surf the intranet using that site where they display advertisements in rotation, each one for a fixed short duration. In return, they display your web site to the other members when they surf in similar fashion. Therefore, you receive hits to your sites in return for visiting other members’ sites. The number of times your site is shown to others is based on the “credits” that you earn when you view others sites. This is normally based on certain ratios that vary from one exchange provider to another and also on the type of membership for which you register. Generally, the ratio is 3:1 or 2:1 for free members and 1:1 for paid members. Credits can also be purchased in case you can pay and do not have time to surf.

Traffic exchange programmes can be of two types – automated and manual.

In Automated programs, web sites/advertisements of various members are displayed in rotation after a certain period of time based on a timer function. In manual surfing, the next web site/advertisement is displayed only after the user hits on the “next” button which gets activated based on timer (typically six to 30 seconds). Normally advertisers prefer manual exchanges because in automatic programmes there is no guarantee that the advertisements are being viewed since viewers can leave them running in the background while they do some other work.

Some of the traffic exchange programmes also offer small amounts of payments for viewing their sights in addition to the “credits” earned.

Hence, as it would be clear by now these being the fundamentals, the differences in various traffic exchange programmes are basically related to surf timers, credit ratios, Cash offered in addition to credits, bonus credits and incentives, reference commissions, upgrading membership offers, etc. One had to make a choice, based on what each individual’s requirement is.

Therefore, the first choice is whether to pay and buy credits to showcase your web site/advertisement or to surf and earn these credits. In case one chooses the second option that is to surf and earn credits ( and cash ) again one has to consider whether it would be a special surfing session of a few hours that he/she would like to do or prefer surfing “on the side” while carrying out other work on the Internet.

Based on these choices, I have short listed a few traffic Exchange sites which can be explored in the order of priority as given below ( Note : these are my personal choices and users may make their own decision after experimenting with these or others ) .

While one can read most of the features in detail on the FAQ section of the site, I will give very brief plus and minus points.

Your 1:1 Traffic Exchange
This is my personal best site. If one had to try just one site, I would recommend this one. It has the following features –

  • A great user interface – probably the best.
  • offers the best rates for free members.
  • Free members can get 2:1 ratio for earning credits on a 15 second timer and 1:1 ratio for 20 second timer which I think is the best I have come across on any site
  • It offers cash incentive for surfing too; $0.30 for every 1000 sites which is the best that I have come across.
  • Free facility to create Splash pages to personalize advertisement.
  • Added incentives like $0.10 for every person you refer who surfs at least 100 sites.
  • Credits can be used to display own sites as also to convert them to text ads or banner ads. Each credit converts to a number of text banner ads.

I have put this site on the second place because of its great user interface and also the fact that this is, strictly speaking, a very nice site to earn money. It does a great job of traffic exchange but the main advantage is the “ventures” which one purchases in order to make a steady income. While the details are on its web site, some of the outstanding features are –

  • Surfing 25 sites per day is an essential activity which one has two to even after becoming Pro member. Therefore, interests of free members are also kept in mind. Free members earn credits by surfing sites with 10-second timer.
  • It has the most user-friendly timer and the fastest site. You can earn more credits in less time.
  • For earning, the smallest venture package is $10, which will buy 10 ventures. Earning is very high and if one wants to experiment, I suggest this is the amount one should start with although there are options for more amounts.
  • However, for free members the biggest advantage is a very high Traffic exchange because of higher number of credits in short time and also very good monitoring of hits on your site.
  • Free members earn 15% referral commissions when they refer someone to ad-ventures that purchases ventures in the company. They will also receive 15% commissions on the weekly earnings of their downline. This again is one of the best offers.

HitsBoosterPro is a free manual traffic exchange, where you receive hits to your sites in return for visiting other members’ sites.

  • You need to spend at least 6 seconds on each site to receive credits, and every 10 credits you earn are worth one visitor to your site. This effectively means you get one credit for one minute of surfing, which is very less compared, to the other sites as given above. In addition, a click every six seconds ensures that you got to be on the job without diversion. However, in this can be used to advantage as explained in the last paragraph.
  • A big advantage is that you receive 1000 free credits just for signing up
  • You need to surf 25 sites to fully activate your account.
  • You can also earn extra credits by referring other members.
  • Lot of bonus offers while surfing offsets the disadvantage mentioned above.
  • When you first join, you will be given a free new member platinum upgrade, which will last 7 days. After that, your account will revert to free status.

  • As a free member, if you surf 10 sites you will receive 4 hits to your site.
  • High Hits uses dynamic surf ratios so as you surf more sites the ratio of hits you receive will increase. The more sites you view the more credits you get.
  • There is no money for surfing but Members earn commission when their direct referrals upgrade or purchase credit packages. The amount starts at 10% for free members increasing to 50% for ‘High Pro’ accounts.
RealHitz4u - Feel The Punch

  • This is primarily a Traffic Exchange although they do reward you with small cash commisPreview Changessions. Whenever someone that you have referred to RealHitz4u makes a credit purchase or upgrades you will receive a percentage of their purchase.
  • Free members earn a base 3:1 visitor ratio i.e. if you view 100 member websites, you will receive 33 page views to your own website.
  • However, RealHitz4u rewards active surfers. Be sure to look for your bonus credits where you can win extra hits while surfing.
  • If you have a Pro membership, you will earn a 1:1 visitor ratio. If you view 100 sites then you will receive 100 page views to your website.
  • RealHitz4u Dynamic surfing or dynamic surf ration simply means the more you surf the more you earn. Your surf ratio will increase with the amount of pages you surf per day. For instance if you surf 200 pages every day you will earn more per page surfed than if you just surfed 200 pages once or twice a week.

A Practical Tip for surfers

Again, this is my personal opinion but a very workable one since I have tried it number of times. Become a member of all the five sites by clicking on links above and open them up in the tabs in the sequence as shown. Click on 20 second option and start the timer on first site that is to start its working. Than once that has started, click on the timers on the other four sites in sequence , , and . You will find that two rotations of sites 2nd to 4th can be done till such time the timer of site number one changes. Therefore, you earn the maximum by clicking site number one and then two rotations of site number 2 to 4. An hour of such activity would give you about 500 credits in all which is a very good going. Try it out.

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