How to Know a PTC/Paid Scam Site

These days we find a lot of people turn to the Internet to make some extra money in their spare time by going into paid sites that offer various schemes like PTC ( paid to click ) and online surveys besides other “get rich quick” schemes. Not many sites are honest in their payment policies or promises and are there only to serve their own purpose. In fact, generally, most PTC sites are fraud and many people waste a lot of time and money on such sites to realize later that they had been taken for a ride.

How to find out whether these schemes are worth what they say?

A very quick guide to it is an analysis of the following :-

  1. High Pay Out Rates : if they are very high one should be suspicious. No PTC site can afford to pay more than a few cents per click. Anyone who offers more than that should not be believed. Some of the sites promise ridiculous amount like $1, $10, €100, $50 etc. these sites are hundred percent hoax.
  2. The Advertisement Rates Are Very Low : most of the spam sites have very low advertisement rates and at the same time very high payouts. This makes them non-sustainable and hence one should not join them.
  3. No User Forum : if the site has no user forum, it has no openness policy and does not encourage discussion between the users. One should not join them.
  4. Details Of Owner Of The Site : in case the details are not given, one should never join such sites. It is almost hundred per cent a hoax.
  5. Low Rates For Premium Membership : this is a very well-known ploy to siphon out your hard earned money. Most users do not mind paying a very small amount of a few dollars to become premium members but end up losing even that much.
  6. Check Out Every Site Before Joining : Type “Is+(sitename)+scam+?” in google search and you’ll come across lot of results. Checkout the same but don’t get carried away by few good testimonials. Some of them are hoax. Carry out a proper analyses before joining.

Lastly, remember there is no quick and easy way to success. One has to work hard even on PTC and survey sites. Be prepared for spending a few hours daily in case you really want to make some money by these methods.

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