Online Surveys That Pay Well

Most of us would have heard of online surveys which pay well.  One can effectively use free time available  while surfing to fill out surveys and earn some money easily. Most survey sites, pay  between $1 to $20 for each completed survey. Some of them pay up to $30.Some survey sites also pay in the form of points or entries into raffles.

I understand your fears about some ( or most) sites that default on payment. For this I have listed only the companies that I know are good at keeping their promises. They generally pay thru paypal or alertpay

So please go to  and register yourself there if you do not already have an account and

Its fairly simple and convenient way of on line transactions.

Also, two ground rules :

1.         Do create a separate email account for signing up for surveys. This will keep things neat for you in case you get bombed by spam 🙂

2.         Remember, NEVER pay to join a survey site. It most likely is a scam.

For other  sites that pay please bookmark  my website

Thanks for reading my guide, and good luck earning some extra money online in your paypal account

Some of the good sites are :

Survey Savvy

This survey site is one of the best and pays up to $20 per completed survey. It is open to all and has a decent referral program. You get $2 for each survey someone you refer completes and get $1 for surveys completed by an indirect referral.

Survey Savvy’s Referral Program offers you one of the industry’s most innovative ways to increase your incentives!

American Consumer Opinion Panel

It is open to all. Using this site, you can earn between $4-25 for every completed survey. Cheques are generally mailed out within 4 weeks after completing the survey.


This is essentially for citizens of the United States. They can use this even when they are settled abroad. However, for filling up registration, there is a need of an address in the US.

works with marketing research companies all over the world, helping them find out what consumers think about products, ideas and issues of the day.

Surveys can be done online. The invitation is sent to you by e-mail You receive cash reward surveys as well as surveys that, once completed, will enter you into a drawing for a prize.

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