wizardspost on April 27, 2009

( Disclaimer – This is a work of Fiction . Any resemblance to any person or event is a mere coincidence ) Dipanwita was in two minds since last few days and had not been able to resolve whether she should go and receive him or not. The early morning phone call put her into […]

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wizardspost on April 22, 2009

Ok Guys, STOP drooling over this heading as well as the Picture here! What did you think are we talking about? Believe it or not it’s NOTHING of what comes to your mind First. Right, having got that straight, lets see what’s all this about. Check out this bit of News: ANI Posted: Apr 20, […]

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wizardspost on April 18, 2009

What do we normally do when your health is down? We pop pills and capsules containing various drugs and chemicals to bring instant relief to our suffering. But they also bring with them a host of side effects. When the effect of drugs wears off the problems often reoccur and diseases start multiplying. Then we […]

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wizardspost on April 18, 2009

What Is the Meaning of Pranayama? Prana when literally translated means spirit or the breath and yama means control. Pranayama is thus loosely translated as prana or breathe control. Breathing is the essence of living, yet most of us don’t even notice it. It is so simple and obvious we often take it for granted. […]

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wizardspost on April 14, 2009

Introduction Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya a small state located in the picturesque hilly region of the North east India, at an altitude of 1, 496 meters above sea level. It is a picturesque hill station offering a good holiday all year round. Adequate facilities, scenic beauty, cheerful people, clouds and tall pines, mountains, […]

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wizardspost on April 13, 2009

Cherrapunji, located 56 km from Shillong, in the East Khasi Hill district of Meghalaya, has dropped its name, which was given by the British and has been rechristened as Sohra, as it is traditionally called by local tribal population, is a “must see” destination for all tourists. The average rainfall is 12,000 mm a year and the […]

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wizardspost on April 9, 2009

Interesting Possibilities NEWS ITEM: Journalist Hurls Shoe at P Chidambaram New Delhi:  A journalist threw a shoe at Home Minister P Chidambaram at a press conference on Tuesday, the shoe did not hit the minister and the journalist, a senior reporter with Dainik Jagran, was taken into custody. It is the first of its kind […]

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wizardspost on April 3, 2009

So Shilpa Shetty is all set to marry the London based billionaire Raj Kundra amidst all the dirt being raised by Kavita, the ex wife of the tycoon . Both are in their early thirties. So what’s new? But then, it starts me wondering on various power equations (I guess it’s the mathematics background that […]

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wizardspost on April 2, 2009

Euro-English News Item : The EU announces changes to the spellings of common English words… European Union commissioners have announced that agreement has been reached to adopt English as the preferred language for European communications, rather than German, which was the other possibility. As part of the negotiations, Her Majesty”s Government conceded that English spelling […]

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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