When in company, there is nothing like a witty pick up line, that not only grabs attention but also projects you as a smart girl or a guy who would actually get “picked up” by someone equally smart.

On the flip side, unfortunately, it is not so easy to come up with these so called smart pick up lines. A pick up line may actually fall flat and project you in quite an opposite light!

So what is this magic of pick up lines all about?

Try to follow the following few golden rules of pick up lines –

1.       Ditch the Lines – Though it looks a crazy rule right at the beginning, but the fact of the matter is that this is the most important rule of all! The more desperate you are to use pick up lines, the more are the chances that they would fall flat and ditch you. So, you ditch ‘em! Rely on your natural charm and you would do just fine.

2.       Avoid clichéd lines from films- This is the most common trap. Those who try to remember pick up lines that they hear in films often forget that they are not original any more. Chances are they would let you down.

3.       Sensible dress sense- While it is important to dress well in order to impress, overdoing it would spoil the show even before it started.  Do not hesitate in seeking advice about how you look instead of deciding upon yourself. Once you are dressed well, you would be more confident of yourself and would definitely be well poised to impress by your sensible one liners.

4.       Speak intelligently- Do not ever curse. It puts you up in a bad light as far as poise and upbringing goes. Always be respectful while talking try and use correct grammar. It reflects upon your mental abilities and education level.

5.       Know the purpose of pick up lines- Remember, pick up lines are NOT meant to be serious! Therefore refrain from urges to quote from some heavy poetry or literature. Pick up lines are essentially light hearted and simple worded phrases about a twist in the situation.

6.       Choice of content – If it is an unknown group or some new person, never ever make the mistake of sexual reference or inappropriate innuendo. Unless of course you wish to be branded as an uncultured cad!

7.       Sense of humor- Almost all pick up lines that work, are based on a person’s humorous take on a fleeting situation. There is no shortcut to getting this right, but to develop it by reading, observing, and learning from others.

Keeping these simple rules about pick up lines in mind would help you come up with sentences that are light and funny, and would definitely give positive results without embarrassing yourself, or scaring away the person who you wish to impress.

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